Equipment Rentals

Trust is something that is earned, in other cases you can pay for it. 

Photography is expensive. I know first-hand how costly it is, but if you love it you'll make it happen. I understand the struggles of getting over the anxiety of asking a bunch of friends for a camera to use, scrounging up the money to rent the equipment, then travelling 2 hours to pick up one item, photograph for a few hours and travel another 2 hours to drop off the equipment. I get it, this is why I'm offering equipment rentals.


  • $30/day - Continuous Lights with umbrellas
  • $100/day - Nikon D750 body
  • $50/day - Zoom lens 70-300mm
  • $50/day - Prime lens 85 mm
  • Varies - Delivery and pick-up

Note: This offer is based on referrals only. Additionally these prices can be covered in payment plans.

If you are interested in renting equipment, visit my contact page to inquire about the process today.