The Spirit Stock Network helps organizations focused on health & wellness boost their marketing game, providing custom event and commercial photography services.

Why We Started

In 2016, our team hand counted and tallied over one thousand images from various yoga studio websites across the city of Toronto.

Of the 1000+ images, only 8.82% featured a person that was visibly Brown-skinned. There were more images of studio spaces than there were of people of colour! Thus Spirit Stock was born.

We wanted to see body rolls and colourful backgrounds, patterned fabric and acrylic nails. Why? Because that is the reality of who we are as spiritual Black, Indigenous, and Brown folks. We want representation. The Spirit Stock team is comprised of folks who experience many issues spanning beyond just racism, sizeism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, and classism. We want to co-create content with wellness organizations and expand their visual landscape. Our dream is to saturate the market with diverse images and increase that measly 8.82% to over 50%.

Visit the Spirit Stock website to learn more.