Invited Talks, Panels, and Workshops


Grant Writing 101, ArtReach Toronto

Grant Writing Clinic, ArtReach Toronto


Paulina, Fonna, Grant Writing 101 , ArtReach Toronto

'Live Your Art' Workshop - Project Management 101 , Urban Arts Community Arts Council


Bridget, Markus, Slimthick, Fonna, LGBTQ+ 101 and Training for People Working with Youth, Toronto Public Health

Adam, Fonna, Working with Intersecting Identities – Racialized LGBTQ Youth, Ministry of Children and Youth

Muluba, Tumaini, Fonna, Collective Visioning: Young Women’s Project – Chunking, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands

Ryan, Fonna, Getting Your Research Out There: Social Media, OPIRG Toronto Symposium on Social and Environmental Justice Confronting Racism

Tracey, Yasser, Fonna, Social Media 101 for Non-Profit Organizations, ArtReach

Muluba, Tumaini, Fonna, Collective Visioning: Young Women’s Project, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands

From Tumaini, owner of Tuly Maimouna   

From Tumaini, owner of Tuly Maimouna



Slimthick, Fonna, Allyship & Anti-Oppression 101 in Volunteering, Toronto French School x Empower Youth x SOY HEAT

Antoinette, Fonna, DIY Parlor (Monthly), Centre for Women and Trans People at York University

Tanya, Fonna, Skills Curation, The People Project and NiaZamar

Tumaini, Fonna, Sex Positivity and Harm Reduction for Young Leaders, Private Organization

Niko, Romeo, Fonna, Storytelling & Misrepresentation of (LGBTQ*) Children and Youth in Media, York University’s Childhood in Canadian Culture Class

Yasser and Fonna, Social Media 101, ArtReach and Urban Arts

Jordyn and Fonna, New Language and Terminologies in LGBTQ Youth Communities, Rainbow Health Ontario

Kamilah, Tumaini, Fonna, What’s Glitter Got To Do With It: Exploring Youth Engagement and HIV Prevention Programming, University of Toronto’s Masters of Social Work Students

Aerissa, Kike, Fonna, LGBTQ+ 101 and Training for People Working with Youth, Toronto Public Health

Aerissa, Kike, Fonna, Working with LGBTQ+ Youth, York University’s Students Pursuing Bachelors Education

Jordyn, Starr, Fonna, LGBTQ+ 101 and Training for People Working with Youth, Toronto Public Health


Ocean, Nicole, Fonna, Demystifying Transmission, World AIDs Day at University of Toronto

Kike, Jordyn, Sarah-Lee, Slimthick, Verlia, Fonna, LGBTQ+ Consent, Safer Sex, and Harm Reduction, Humberside Collegiate Institute

Mel G.C., Fonna S., Sexual Health Training for People Working with Youth, Toronto Public Health

Jordyn, Aerissa, Fonna, Anti-Oppression 101, S.O.Y. Get Out

Kamplex, Fonna S., Digital Storytelling, Leaving Evidence Archiving Project

Fonna S., John C., Sarah-Lee U., Slimthick, Sexuality, S.O.Y. H.E.A.T. – Toronto Community Housing Youth Leaders

Alyssa, Dwight, Erin, Fonna, Kenny, Anti-Oppression 101 Workshop, S.O.Y. H.E.A.T. – Alphabet Soup

Andii, Fonna, Sarah, 3Ps: Pictionary, Plastercine, & Pleasure!, STARS at the StudioEdgar, Fonna, Mel, Michael, Proud Goddess, Sarah, Digital Stories Showcase: Lived Experiences and the Social Determinants of Health, Youth Research Symposium: Youth Sexuality, and Sexual Health

Andii, Carver, Fonna, Sarah, Sarah S., Community Soundbyte: Empower, RHO Conference

Bower, M., Seidu, F., Anti-Oppression Workshop/Discussion, Centre for Women and Trans People at York University

Boustead, N., Forsberg, L., Pirie, L., Seidu, F., Suri, A., Life After CAP: Strategies of Survival, York University

Gayle, M., Lyaruu, T., Seidu, F., HIV Queeries: Demystifying Transmission, Unison Pathways to Education

Photo by Riya Jama

Photo by Riya Jama



One of my hobbies is to attend conferences and workshops,so it's no surprise that I love to facilitate workshops, speak on panels, and participate in skill-shares. 

Two opportunities flew into my life which steered me into the direction of workshop facilitation and leading talking engagements:

(1) Empower Youth

Empower uses the arts to train diversely situated youth to become HIV peer educators in their local communities.

(2) Supporting Our Youth’s Human rights Equity Access Team

The goal of this project is to address race relations and the human rights climate in Toronto, and will focus specifically on the existing barriers and hate activity each faction of the queer and trans community faces.

Through these programs I was provided the tools, support, and guidance to create successful workshops and learning opportunities.

I am available for: panels, speaking engagements, workshops and conferences.

Topics of preference are: youth engagement using arts-based practices, social media basics, project;/life goal planning, and introductory photography.