Rates Overview

Transparency saves time and effort. 

I like to be transparent with my clients about my rates, so that there is less confusion and a shorter email thread. Below you can find my offerings and the cost breakdowns for each photographic service. In case funds are a roadblock but you still wish to book me, please connect and we can negotiate a payment plan and/or a barter system.


Custom Photography

  • Event coverage
  • Professional headshots
  • Marketing collateral
  • Product shots
  • Stock Photos
  • A second shooter

My skills range according to your needs.


Equipment Rentals

Off-camera flash, camera body and lenses, continuous lights, SD cards, and extra batteries - I have it, you can borrow it. 

I was once a photographer who had ZERO equipment of my own but still managed to get gigs, so I understand.


Photo Editing

Had a vacation and took a million photos but don't want to post it on Instagram unless they are edited? Backlogged with bookings and don't have enough time to edit the proofs? Just feeling lazy and wish to support a small business?

I have experience editing photos in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for clients who have the desire but not the time. Help me, help you.