Fonna you have been an amazing soul and cheerleader throughout the project. I would not have gone far without you, in fact, I might have quit, thank you for lending your equipment, providing moral support, and space. You have been one of the hearts of this project.
— Aniqa Rahman, Behind the Dust Artist
Thank you so much for your care and attention to detail throughout the project. It’s been such a pleasure reading your thorough reports and gaining some extra insights into the journey - your team is lucky to have you!
— Chris Lee, Inspirit Foundation's Manager of Grants + Media Impact Funding
It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with Fonna Seidu, providing guidance for the RISE Initiative; a grassroots project to support vulnerable youth. Fonna brought a wealth of experience and expertise in project planning and execution. And through her guidance, I was able to avoid many of the pitfalls, newly founded social ventures often face. I’m appreciative of all Fonna’s support and look forward to collaborating with her again.
— Rhonelle Bruder, MSc, Advocate - Speaker - Educator - Founder of RISE Initiative
You help.
There’s no other word for the work you do.
— Slimthick Monroe, Model and Public Figure
Thank you for being Fonna lol. People that have worked with you know. You do the things so thoroughly and with so much care it echoes into so many facets of production. You save lives!
— Kelly Fyffe-Marshall, Film Director
I’m blessed that my bff & work wife Fonna is the exceptional project manager she is who shared SMART goals with me.
— Tumaini
I’ve been on many sets and I can honestly say the people you’ve gathered on this particular shoot have created an environment that will do nothing less than produce an incredible film. In terms of learning, I don’t think I’ve ever been on a set thats been this conducive to learning and growth. Words will never accurately describe my gratitude for sharing space with you all.
— Hanfare Kadafo, G&E Swing on Disclosure, 2019
It was such an awesome experience working on set with you! I appreciate the conversations we had, I enjoyed them a lot. Also, thank you for being so accommodating and friendly. You are such a star for handling everything throughout the whole process of Disclosure. I want to let you know that I acknowledge the hard work you did. It was great working with you and I hope to see you on another set.
— Stephanie Hanson, Production Assistant on Disclosure (2019)
Last of my #WCW, this lovely Femme of Color Fonna (said like Phone Ahh). She is an awesome community builder networking between so many organizations and initiatives. She is a community archivist documenting Queer and Trans art and culture through photography and video. She is also an amazing assistant to both myself and the Mr. and she makes everything more possible.
— Kim Katrin Milan, Educator and Cultural Curator