I take pride in being a behind-the-scenes kind of gal who keeps everyone organized and on time. If you haven't had me on your team yet, keep me in mind if you need a person to keep things moving with my planner, markers, and sticky notes in tow!

Milan Media Assistant

Executive Assistant    [2015 - Present]

  • Assist Kim and Tiq Milan in arranging speaking engagements and meetings
  • Create effective e-filing systems and retrieve bookings information efficiently as and when needed
  • Keep track of scheduled appointments, keynotes, workshops, and events; add events onto shared calendars once confirmed
  • Act as liaison among the Milans and contacts

"[Fonna is] an amazing assistant to both myself and the Mr. and she makes everything more possible"

- Kim Katrin Milan


Production Manager     [2014]

  • Recruiting and managing an archival team of 4-5 youth of colour
  • Supported with guided tours in the various spaces of ISTAAG in Gladday Bookstore
  • Disbursing payments to all archivers and speakers; keeping physical receipts and recording them digitally

Leaving Evidence Archiving Project (LEAP): Making Maps Not Monuments

Archiver & Workshop Coordinator     [2013 – Present]

  • Worked alongside the project director and project coordinators to determine the workshop series timeline
  • Designed and executed a series of media-based trainings with workshop facilitators
  • Recorded participation details such as name of the individual and contact information
  • Actively shared and promoted the workshop series via social media platforms
  • Distributed and tracked project finances by keeping receipts and recording virtual copies

York United Black Students’ Alliance

Secretary (Previously Communications Director)     [2011 – 2014]

  • Responsible for maintaining the office space and archiving information of the alliance
  • Organize and maintain the records of the Alliance and the office filing system
  • Maintain office displays (i.e. Calendar, bulletin boards, book case displays)
  • Primary contact and liaison of the alliance director team; disseminated information to all directors
  • Prepared meeting agenda, chaired meetings, and took notes to share with directors
  • Confirmed room bookings for conferences, meetings and other events

Radical Care Bear | Opportunity Curator | Archiver