Why Do I Blog?

Psssst, the secret is because I'm selfish.

Seth Godin wrote in his book Linchpin (pg. 94):
"Some artists work to change themselves. The process of making the art and the results produced are solely aimed at the creator. Whistling as you walk through the woods is a form of art, but you’re not doing it hoping a squirrel will applaud."

My reason for blogging has fluctuated over the years - it’s like we are in an on-again, off-again relationship.

My blog started off as a virtual journal (ya'll remember livejournal?!), then it became a place to share my photography, blossoming into a space to help creatives, and now it is a home for my reflections on personal and professional development that in turn helps anyone whom is reading or interacting with it.

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Over the past few years, my mindset has shifted (my friend noticed this when she scrolled through my Instagram posts).

  • September 2015, I became more self-reflective

  • March 2017, I started posting about mortality

  • October 2017, I began sharing new knowledge I've acquired and haven't stopped since

Therefore, this blog is a selfish project that is meant to offer knowledge and resources to folks like myself. People who felt lost but want to continue building their wealth of information and knowledge banks.

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What is something you do for yourself that ends up benefiting others?

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