"Our parents tend to want us to do safe, secure jobs because they love us"

At the 5:21 mark, Ikenna Azuike started reiterating things I continuously tell myself; follow your passion. I may be struggling financially, but I know that I am in love with all of my archiving, community organizing, (un)learning, and sharing. I have never been bored and will only crave for more as I grow older. When I'm told that my 'extracurricular activities' are a waste of time, I use those harmful words as a motivation - I feed my monstrous drive with negatives in order to show people they are wrong.

"I used to hold a mop for a living..."


I used to hold a mop for a living...You can say that I have been a hard worker since a very young age. The thing about it is that I didn’t know that I was working hard. I just knew that I was doing what needed to be done. I was emulating my mother’s work ethic. - Glenford Nunez

I am a person who often listens to people's stories. As I my imagination weaves images with the words people share with me, all the trials and tribulations youth go through...especially in my community, I can't help but feel in the depths of my heart that they will succeed.

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Why Do I Blog?

There are are so many beautiful souls who are currently experiencing - and struggling through - what Glenford Nunez (a popular Baltimore photographer) once experienced.

Despite their current struggles, I know youth are enduring hard times and working effortlessly to follow their passions. So, I want to give a huge shout out to all of the amazing Toronto youth in the community who are working their butts off to grow and evolve in every aspect of their life!

With love, Fonna-Tasha