What kind of time-management person are you? Busy or Productive?

What kind of time-management person are you? Busy or Productive?

What does a busy version of Fonna look like?

  • Talk about how busy I am

  • Having a long to-do list that doesn't align with my strategic goals

  • Spending time clearing my emails (yes, even the newsletters)

  • Multitasking inefficiently

  • Taking a meeting that could've been an email

  • Getting stuck and drowning in details (there's a big difference in being detail-oriented)

  • Saying yes to TONS of projects and stretching myself thin

  • Attempting to do everything myself

A Sunday with Catherine Hernandez

A Sunday with Catherine Hernandez

Right after check-in Catherine introduced us to the concept of muse and ego. With artists our muse is also known as our intuition - where we trust our instincts and create whatever is necessary in the moment. The ego often hinders the creative spirit of the muse by re-enforcing socialized norms and rules. The activity required us to be vulnerable, make eye-contact one at a time with other participants then bust out a movement we were feeling in that particular moment. We did this three times to three different songs and I realized my ego is hella dominant. Simply "going with the flow" and "trusting my intuition" was tough for me - I was afraid of embarrasing myself by making the wrong type of movement. Thankfully, we will be doing two more workshops in the upcoming weeks, so I can learn how to quiet my screaming ego.