Measure Your Life with The Wheel of Life

Measure Your Life with The Wheel of Life

Money. Why 4/10?

Not many people will admit their income in such a public space, but I want to be transparent. In 2018 I made under $15,000. Now, in Canada, to be considered as a low-income earner, you must be earning less than $23,000 as a single person. But also, I was officially a full-time freelancer, securing gigs, and transitioning fields - away from the not-for-profit sector. With my low income, I managed to move out of my mom’s house, travel to South America and USA, contributing to my investment accounts, and still pay my bills. Sure, it was a struggle, sometimes I spent money unwisely, and I often had breakdowns about money, but I also know I can survive off of $15k, so when I make more it means I can thrive.

What kind of time-management person are you? Busy or Productive?

What kind of time-management person are you? Busy or Productive?

What does a busy version of Fonna look like?

  • Talk about how busy I am

  • Having a long to-do list that doesn't align with my strategic goals

  • Spending time clearing my emails (yes, even the newsletters)

  • Multitasking inefficiently

  • Taking a meeting that could've been an email

  • Getting stuck and drowning in details (there's a big difference in being detail-oriented)

  • Saying yes to TONS of projects and stretching myself thin

  • Attempting to do everything myself

TEDxToronto Reflections

TEDxToronto Reflections

ere are some takeaways from the conference:

  • [Satish Kanwar] Barter economies = everyone was an entrepreneur
    • Don't wait for THEY to make a decision or make a moment
    • Name an entrepreneur...The next time you answer, I hope you say that you are
  • [Jeremie Saunders] We place death far off in the distance. What if I knew I was going to die at 30 years old?
    • "The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time." - Mark Twain

"Chunking" Sounds More Fun than Work Breakdown Structure

"Chunking" Sounds More Fun than Work Breakdown Structure

Before I even knew what project management was, I was simply breaking down my big goals into step-by-step processed and called it chunking. Now we have fancy smancy terms for it.

Chunking = the hierarchical decomposition of a project

Success: Step by Step - Weekly Goals

Success: Step by Step - Weekly Goals

As ya'll know, I've been laying out 2016 with the help of this fabulous article. Melissa Joy Kong shares:

When you break your monthly sub-goals down like this, you basically create a detailed road map for making stuff happen. It seems so obvious, but no one plans like this. That’s why most people fail (in addition to not creating strategies to eradicate triggers that lead to wasting time).

Success: Step by Step - Monthly Goals

Success: Step by Step - Monthly Goals

As 2015 dwindles to a close, I made more time to lay out my 2016 path. As a Capricorn I have a tendency to want to control as much as possible - this year taught me to be flexible and create guidelines instead of having strict expectations. Last time I outlined my yearly goals with the help and guidance of a fantastic article. As you probably already see, my large goals for 2016 are (1 - 60%) learning and research; (2 - 30%) employment and saving; (3 - 10%) health changes.

Fall Back


"The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go." - anonymous

Introspection is harder than I thought.

Summer ended and BAM, fall chaos. Everyone is back to routines (such as school and work), folks start scrambling over deadlines, and the feeling of relaxation is squelched. I felt like I was a statue standing in the way of everyone else who was running around. Were you also a statue or were you an eager beaver?
To be honest, I still had a variety of projects and commitments that I couldn't let go of (my capricorn work ethic fuels this). But due to an inconsistent income stream and being mindful of how I spent my time, I was indoors a lot. I was also working through the lessons of mercury in retrograde - so my early fall days were spent meditating, crying, researching, and reflecting. I felt isolated and quite lost but I had amazing folks to help guide me and I am forever grateful for their presence. After clearing a lot of heavy and negative energy I now feel a shift towards using my heart more (instead of only using my head) and letting go of what I can't control; trusting that I will be safe and cared for by source/creator.
Now that November is here, I feel new - rejuvenated. Filled with energy to do more but with intentional patience, waiting for the universe to send me signs.

Reflections & Thanks


Ryerson Black Students' Conference Looking back at my archiving experiences, there is little doubt of my growth; Grasping at as many opportunities that push me forward & towards my passions.

  •  I've never owned my own camera (still don't - shoutout to Drey Anozie, NIA Centre for the Arts, and The People Project for letting me borrow/rent your cameras)
  • I am pretty much self-taught with some mentorship, guidance, and youtube support along the way
  • I've shot 100+ events over 5 years (not including side projects and some work for community organizations)

Thank you everyone in the community who believe in me and the work that I do. Without your existence, I wouldn't be doing what I love.