12 Project Management Pet Peeves

12 Project Management Pet Peeves

5. Requiring Verbal Foreplay

"Project Managers don't care about the niceties of social interactions. I actually heard someone tell a project manager that they needed some "verbal foreplay" before jumping into all the work talk. Seriously, while we are asking about your kid's stupid play, all we are thinking about it how long do we have to endure the boring chatter until we can finally ask when the heck your report is going to be done and many times, our insincerity shows." - Melissa D

Why, as an Artist, You Should Think Inside the Box

Graphic designers and videographers, how often have you heard the following:

  • It would be really great if...

  • Could you just make this tiny edit?

  • Do you mind adding this one thing?

This my friends, is called scope creep.

My Most Productive Day Ever in 3 Easy Steps

My Most Productive Day Ever in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever had a day where you wanted to get stuff done but the odds were against you? Maybe a day binge-watching shows and movies on Netflix? Or possibly, being scatter-brained and working on 7-10 things interchangeably in a day? Hopefully the steps below will help streamline your work practice for a better work day!