As an Artist, Why should I care about the Triple Constraint?

As an Artist, Why should I care about the Triple Constraint?


The Triple Constraint is so important. I'm glad you asked the question because Imma break it down for you real quick.

Fall Back


"The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go." - anonymous

Introspection is harder than I thought.

Summer ended and BAM, fall chaos. Everyone is back to routines (such as school and work), folks start scrambling over deadlines, and the feeling of relaxation is squelched. I felt like I was a statue standing in the way of everyone else who was running around. Were you also a statue or were you an eager beaver?
To be honest, I still had a variety of projects and commitments that I couldn't let go of (my capricorn work ethic fuels this). But due to an inconsistent income stream and being mindful of how I spent my time, I was indoors a lot. I was also working through the lessons of mercury in retrograde - so my early fall days were spent meditating, crying, researching, and reflecting. I felt isolated and quite lost but I had amazing folks to help guide me and I am forever grateful for their presence. After clearing a lot of heavy and negative energy I now feel a shift towards using my heart more (instead of only using my head) and letting go of what I can't control; trusting that I will be safe and cared for by source/creator.
Now that November is here, I feel new - rejuvenated. Filled with energy to do more but with intentional patience, waiting for the universe to send me signs.

Re-Think Your Life

What did I do wrong/right/poorly/well?

Who should I drop/find/mentor/befriend?

What can I do to better myself/opportunities/body/personality?