List of 500+ Stakeholders

List of 500+ Stakeholders

Stakeholders have the power to:

  • provide funding or take it away
  • fill your workshops/events/exhibitions/etc. or leave them empty
  • offer major decisions that push the organization forward or into the ground
  • execute the project deliverables or completely screw up the deliverables
  • manage project team members' progress or allow the project to run awry
  • keep your vision/mission alive or completely skew your mission/vision

Strategic Alchemist


Introducing an addition to my Radical Care Bear title!

Strategic Planning + Femmifestation (Arts x Magic) = Strategic Alchemy

To be completely and fully honest, the phrase "strategic alchemy" came to me during my most recent meditation session last night. I had a vision of myself working with a team of feminine energy folks and we were breaking down a large idea into smaller task chunks. There was a white board with a flow chart, some technology to use for research, colourful markers, sticky notes littered around our table, and a room buzzing with excited productive energy.

The pieces leading up to this confirmation were:

(1) While listening to the Virtual Personal Assistant Podcast, listeners were invited to think about one task that they could do all day. After some thought I could only think of going to planning meetings breaking big ideas down into sizeable chunks and even smaller task lists. I even tweeted it because I was so excited!

(2) My sister in spirit, Natoya Hall, sat with me and we spoke about a skill that I hold deep inside of me. After a bit of discussion, the word that we settled on was "alchemy".

Thus was birthed my new title "Strategic Alchemist"!

21 Before 22

"It's my birthday and I can make a new blog if i want to!"

birthday cupcake

Image Source: Cupcake Design

I've noticed the wordpress community has more access to different blogs using pages such as tags and freshly pressed. Whereas in blogger, you have a "next blog" button or you have to look through other people's followers.

*2019 Update: I’m a squarespace user now :)

Now that I'm back at the ripe ol' age of 21, I want to expand my opportunities.

I was inspired by A Beautiful Mess to make a goal list of 21 things to do before I am 22.

  1. Find a permanent volunteer position

  2. Complete 1 book; filled with journaling/scrapbooking

  3. Attend an opera

  4. Learn to sew with a machine

  5. Have someone write a guest post for my blog

  6. Support a protest

  7. Visit a main city in America

  8. Take an online blogging course

  9. Save $200+ in each savings account (I have 3 accounts)

  10. Write or translate a whole blog post in french

  11. Find a great cafe in Toronto

  12. Customize an outfit

  13. Read a self-help/self-improvement book

  14. Buy an original piece of art

  15. Rent movies and watch them all day

  16. Go vegan for at least 1 day each month

  17. Pay off my credit card debt

  18. Find my signature scent

  19. Watch a musical

  20. Participate in summerlicious

  21. Attend a TED talk

If you want some inspiration, here are some blogs that have to-do lists:

Hulk is Hungry, Dumb Funnery, My Stage My Choreography His Vision, 2 Boys n' Me, Alexandra Doffing, and New Jersey Photographer Rich Green.

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