Success: Step by Step - Weekly Goals


As ya'll know, I've been laying out 2016 with the help of this fabulous article. Melissa Joy Kong shares:

When you break your monthly sub-goals down like this, you basically create a detailed road map for making stuff happen. It seems so obvious, but no one plans like this. That’s why most people fail (in addition to not creating strategies to eradicate triggers that lead to wasting time).

For the past few years of goal setting, I've only made annual goals. I honestly never thought of breaking them down into monthly or even weekly pieces. It was quite a tedious process to write out all of the tasks weekly, but it was worth it.

One of my previous managers introduced me to Asana (shout out to Omer). It is a task manager that saved my work life, especially since we were a small team. Using this program meant that we didn't have to check-in every day about the upcoming tasks. We could just converse over Asana and asign tasks to one another.

Asana Screenshot

Asana Screenshot

After writing the tasks down on paper, I typed them up on Asana and organized them according to different categories. Some have due dates, some have sub-tasks. There's so much that goes into planning.

How is your path to success going?