Success: Step by Step - Monthly Goals


As 2015 dwindles to a close, I made more time to lay out my 2016 path. As a Capricorn I have a tendency to want to control as much as possible - this year taught me to be flexible and create guidelines instead of having strict expectations. Last time I outlined my yearly goals with the help and guidance of a fantastic article. As you probably already see, my large goals for 2016 are (1 - 60%) learning and research; (2 - 30%) employment and saving; (3 - 10%) health changes.

Three important projects/opportunities arise in 2016: Studio Y Fellowship, CHRC's Youth Arts Administration Program, and Stares Webseries Production. All three are important because my 2016 priority is to gain knowledge that relate to community, administration, and media.

Keeping the three major opportunities in mind I created sub-goals. *Sidenote: I completed this in an hour using the pomordoro technique*

Melissa Joy Kong reminds us,

When you break your major goal down this way, you can see the natural progression of your goal and exactly what needs to be done each month ... Breaking it down this way makes the end goal seem even more tangible. It will get you super excited about the idea of taking on your plan and tackling that one big, amazing goal of yours.

fonnas full sized monthly goals

fonnas full sized monthly goals

Pictured above is my visual mind map. I outlined deadlines and project durations. For example with Studio Y:

  • December - Febraury: attend events (held in the MaRS building) to see if I even mesh well in the organization & can change my 2016 plan accordingly

  • February - March: applications open

  • Mid-March: deadline for applications

  • May: selections weekend

  • September: Studio Y program begins and lasts until May

Whether I become a Studio Y fellow or not, laying it out and planning in advance really helps me understand the next steps instead of scrambling last minute and burning out.

How do you visually represent your sub-goals? Do you need any help breaking them down? Maybe we can connect!