Pfffft! Resolutions?!

I've given up on New Years Resolutions a few years ago because they were usually all the same (lose weight, have fun, save money, etc.). At the end of the year I would feel discouraged when I looked back on my list realizing I didn't fulfill most of my goals.

For more flexibility, I started utilizing __ before __ from the blogosphere around my 21st birthday. The __ before __ list has simply laid down a path for me to follow but I know I am free to stray from this path when more enriching opportunities and possibilities pop-up (or even ignore the path if necessary).

Last year (22 before 23) I either completed or partially completed 11/22 items. There is no shame in that because, as you can see in the image below, I've opened myself up to so many possibilities by attending workshops, events, conferences, and other activities in the community. So much so that my cultural richness level is skyrocketing compared to previous years.

What are your possibilities this year? What flexi-path or flexi-plan do you want to create for yourself? I'd love to hear/read/see what you've come up with!

22 before 23

22 before 23

To finish off, below are two videos I found about New Years Resolutions and Goal-Setting.


A Fun YouTube blogger, Superwoman, and her 2014 New Year's Resolutions


TEDxRedmond - Jason O'Neil - Goals vs. Plans