You are responsible for your life: Law of Attraction

You are responsible for your life: Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?
What are examples of it happening?
How do I start?
What are some recommendations on resources to start?

This post is a stepping stone to learning a little bit more about the law of attraction.

Measure Your Life with The Wheel of Life

Measure Your Life with The Wheel of Life

Money. Why 4/10?

Not many people will admit their income in such a public space, but I want to be transparent. In 2018 I made under $15,000. Now, in Canada, to be considered as a low-income earner, you must be earning less than $23,000 as a single person. But also, I was officially a full-time freelancer, securing gigs, and transitioning fields - away from the not-for-profit sector. With my low income, I managed to move out of my mom’s house, travel to South America and USA, contributing to my investment accounts, and still pay my bills. Sure, it was a struggle, sometimes I spent money unwisely, and I often had breakdowns about money, but I also know I can survive off of $15k, so when I make more it means I can thrive.

Ten Lessons in 2018

Ten Lessons in 2018

I have a secret. Don’t tell people, okay?
When I very little funds in my bank accounts, I have an internal crisis. I ask myself questions like “What is my purpose?”, “Why am I even here?”, “How am I meant to help change the world?”, “What’s the point?”, or “Is this all there is?”. I might as well be having a mid-life crisis. But then, an invoice is paid or a new opportunity falls into my lap, and I’m my productive and motivated self again. This happens to the best of us - we stray from our path, but then find it again.

Raise Your Hand If You're A 20-Something & Are Scared Of All The Potential You Hold.

Raise Your Hand If You're A 20-Something & Are Scared Of All The Potential You Hold.

Dreams give us a direction but they stay in our heads.

We need to change dreams into visions that have actionable steps behind them. A person can dream for days but nothing will get done until you take the first step.

Need some help? Here is a snippet of an article that I read this morning that got me motivated:

2) Use "Minimum Viable Effort"

Want to floss more often? Okay, just floss one tooth. Sound silly? That’s fine. Just like your mom told you: focus on baby steps

Pfffft! Resolutions?!

Pfffft! Resolutions?!

I've given up on New Years Resolutions a few years ago because they were usually all the same (lose weight, have fun, save money, etc.). At the end of the year I would feel discouraged when I looked back on my list realizing I didn't fulfill most of my goals.

For more flexibility, I started utilizing __ before __ from the blogosphere around my 21st birthday. The __ before __ list has simply laid down a path for me to follow but I know I am free to stray from this path when more enriching opportunities and possibilities pop-up (or even ignore the path if necessary).

A Sunday with Catherine Hernandez

A Sunday with Catherine Hernandez

Right after check-in Catherine introduced us to the concept of muse and ego. With artists our muse is also known as our intuition - where we trust our instincts and create whatever is necessary in the moment. The ego often hinders the creative spirit of the muse by re-enforcing socialized norms and rules. The activity required us to be vulnerable, make eye-contact one at a time with other participants then bust out a movement we were feeling in that particular moment. We did this three times to three different songs and I realized my ego is hella dominant. Simply "going with the flow" and "trusting my intuition" was tough for me - I was afraid of embarrasing myself by making the wrong type of movement. Thankfully, we will be doing two more workshops in the upcoming weeks, so I can learn how to quiet my screaming ego.

Strange Sisters: The Insatiable Redux

Strange Sisters: The Insatiable Redux

Sharing a little bit about my visual arts work being exhibited.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

"...despite my concerns, there's still time to enjoy the present and maybe I'll get the chance to travel in order to chase my own dreams!"

21 Before 22

"It's my birthday and I can make a new blog if i want to!"

birthday cupcake

Image Source: Cupcake Design

I've noticed the wordpress community has more access to different blogs using pages such as tags and freshly pressed. Whereas in blogger, you have a "next blog" button or you have to look through other people's followers.

*2019 Update: I’m a squarespace user now :)

Now that I'm back at the ripe ol' age of 21, I want to expand my opportunities.

I was inspired by A Beautiful Mess to make a goal list of 21 things to do before I am 22.

  1. Find a permanent volunteer position

  2. Complete 1 book; filled with journaling/scrapbooking

  3. Attend an opera

  4. Learn to sew with a machine

  5. Have someone write a guest post for my blog

  6. Support a protest

  7. Visit a main city in America

  8. Take an online blogging course

  9. Save $200+ in each savings account (I have 3 accounts)

  10. Write or translate a whole blog post in french

  11. Find a great cafe in Toronto

  12. Customize an outfit

  13. Read a self-help/self-improvement book

  14. Buy an original piece of art

  15. Rent movies and watch them all day

  16. Go vegan for at least 1 day each month

  17. Pay off my credit card debt

  18. Find my signature scent

  19. Watch a musical

  20. Participate in summerlicious

  21. Attend a TED talk

If you want some inspiration, here are some blogs that have to-do lists:

Hulk is Hungry, Dumb Funnery, My Stage My Choreography His Vision, 2 Boys n' Me, Alexandra Doffing, and New Jersey Photographer Rich Green.

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