You Are The Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With

Reality is, you naturally become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Scary huh? What traits and qualities does your spouse, best friend or roommate have? Some you may want to have and others... well, you really hope you don't ever have.

Think about how you relate to other people:

  • Friends and family

  • Co-workers and peers

  • Social Media connections

  • Movies, TV, music, and books you consume

  • Places that host your hobbies

Now, think about their traits:

  • How do they treat people?

  • What is their progress towards their goals? Are they where you want to be? Are you going in the same direction?

  • How do they measure success? Do they have a fixed or growth-based mindset?

  • What is their approximate annual income?

  • How do you feel after spending time with them?

  • What do you converse about?

  • Do they have a lifestyle you enjoy?

  • What are their daily habits? How do they use their free time?

  • Do you look up to the people you surround yourself with? Do you feel like a better person when you are around them?

Now, think about yourself.

What things do you see in your friends that you don’t like? Do you see those traits in yourself? How about traits that you love seeing in your friends? Do you see those traits in yourself?

Your relationships with other people are a direct reflection of yourself.

Maybe it’s time to start shifting your circles, begin networking, take a new class, going to different events, pick up a hobby, hire a coach, reach out to a mentor, try consuming new/different media, or spend more virtual time with others.