Headshot Session with Kapisanan

Headshot Session with Kapisanan

Date of shoot:
March 7th, 2017

Fonna Seidu

Alexandra Baluyot, Amenah Abusara, Carol Ann Apilado, Czarina Campo, Darryll Magboo, Diana Mae Putting, Genesis Giocada, Lorenzo Colcado, Samantha Moya, and Shari Sivayogarajah

Social Media Workshop & Portrait Session at UrbanArts Community Arts Council

Social Media Workshop & Portrait Session at UrbanArts Community Arts Council

Workshop Description:
GAIN MORE VISIBILITY FOR YOUR BRAND ONLINE! Learn tips and strategies to optimize your social media profiles so that you can increase your followers and your social media engagement.
Facilitated by: Tanya Turton
Headshots by: Fonna Seidu

Portrait Session for Black Queer Youth at Supporting Our Youth in Sherbourne Health Centre

Portrait Session for Black Queer Youth at Supporting Our Youth in Sherbourne Health Centre

Date: February 22nd, 2017
Location: Sherbourne Health Centre
Photos by: Fonna Seidu
Youth Group: Black Queer Youth (BQY) is a weekly drop-in group where we celebrate Black queer and trans spectrum people’s trials and accomplishments.

Portrait Session with Slimthick Monroe at Allen Gardens and Graffiti Alley

Portrait Session with Slimthick Monroe at Allen Gardens and Graffiti Alley

Date: February 18, 2017
Photographer: Fonna Seidu
Model: Slimthick Monroe

Sept to Nov in 3 minutes & 5 Seconds


My first video recapping September - November 2013; there are a lot of things that need to be worked on, but I'm still pretty proud of my video!


Morsa - erotic post-ironic ft. Ella morsa

Dd2 remixx - legend da beatslaya

Blank kytt  - sgt frog

Handbook - been a while since you spoke bad panda

Unknown - Flying until the end

Strange Sisters: The Insatiable Redux


6 mixed-media images from The Femme Chronicles were showcased during Strange Sisters on October 25th. Kim Crosby & Gein Wong posted a final thank you notice on the blog.

8 performance artists

Catherine Hernandez, India Davis,Juliet November,Donna Michelle St. Bernard, Alvis Parsley, Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene, cassy walker & Masti Khor 

2 visual artists

Francesca Nocera & Fonna Seidu

Fonna Seidu, ”would like to thank all the youth group participants who attended, Rufina Bernabe (mom!) & Drey Anozie (filmmaker) for supporting my artistic decisions, and my models Juli(a), Bridget, and Julian.”

I am grateful for the experience and got my life watching the performances - especially Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene's femme empowerment piece and India Davis' hoop & pole performances.


I look forward to show more of my work in group exhibitions in the upcoming months!

Requiem for a Dream: The Drag Musical


Drag Musical - Xem by Akriti Photo Credit: Akriti Jain

Requiem for a Dream: The Drag Musical

Performing is one heck of an experience.

Our team completed 12 weeks of workshops to create our final piece that was performed on Oct. 30th. The surprising calm I experienced before the performance was eerily awesome, but it made time for me to take pictures! Over 200 attendees cheered, wooed, and sung with the drag musical team. I am eternally grateful for the support behind my insecurities and vulnerabilities throughout this entire experience.  Now to have our final celebration party!

50 Shades of Black

50 Shades of Black Earlier this month I was asked by a co-ordinator of the Black Queer Youth Initiative to take pictures of folks who participated in the program. Of course, knowing my drive to share people's stories, I jumped at the opportunity to share fragments of stories from people of my community. Myself, along with another local photographer - Jah Grey - set aside two evenings (and various days) taking pictures and editing the final product. This will be the first time my artwork is displayed in public and I can't help but bask in the tremendously warm feeling running throughout my body as I type these words. If I didn't have to study for my midterm tomorrow morning, I'd be euphoric and my mind would be flowing with creative content. Wednesday will be very important to me, and I can't wait to see what people think of my work.

Check out some of the shots on my Facebook Page

"I used to hold a mop for a living..."


I used to hold a mop for a living...You can say that I have been a hard worker since a very young age. The thing about it is that I didn’t know that I was working hard. I just knew that I was doing what needed to be done. I was emulating my mother’s work ethic. - Glenford Nunez

I am a person who often listens to people's stories. As I my imagination weaves images with the words people share with me, all the trials and tribulations youth go through...especially in my community, I can't help but feel in the depths of my heart that they will succeed.

There are are so many beautiful souls who are currently experiencing - and struggling through - what Glenford Nunez (a popular Baltimore photographer) once experienced.

Despite their current struggles, I know youth are enduring hard times and working effortlessly to follow their passions. So, I want to give a huge shout out to all of the amazing Toronto youth in the community who are working their butts off to grow and evolve in every aspect of their life!

With love, Fonna-Tasha