Caged Black Woman - Kofi Genfi & OmariOneal


Stay strong Black Women ... on International Women's Day

So she screams, she screams. . For her ex-love to wake up, So they kiss and make up, Oh how she wishes she can dream again, but she can't- so she needs her make up, To cover up her bumps and bruises, But Moreso to cover up the fact that she is useless, She sells herself short not knowing she is as good as gold, So she slaps on more and more mascara to cover up the deformation these mirrors have done to her soul, Half blinded she has been rendered broken, She doesn’t see that every time she gives up her body she depreciates in value, So to the next man she becomes as good as old

What is Gender Again?

With a few simple strokes, she looked like what societal norms would call "a man". I couldn't help but further fall in love with how fluid gender is.