A Matrix for Time Management

A Matrix for Time Management

Looking back on last month, I noticed a few things:

  • I had a total of 4 to-do lists. If you know me, that 4 is such an insignificant number.
  • The lists were split into 3 categories: Urgent, Medium Priority, Low Priority. All I crossed off were the urgent tasks

15 Healthy Links

Tap Into Your Creativity

For all you creative types, this article is for you!

"Take this clever experiment, led by the psychologist Michael Robinson. He randomly assigned a few hundred undergraduates to two different groups. The first group was given the following instructions: “You are 7 years old, and school is canceled. You have the entire day to yourself. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you see?” The second group was given the exact same instructions, except the first sentence was deleted. As a result, these students didn’t imagine themselves as seven year olds. After writing for ten minutes, the subjects were then given various tests of creativity, such as trying to invent alternative uses for an old car tire, or listing all the things you could do with a brick. Interestingly, the students who imagined themselves as young kids scored far higher on the creative tasks, coming up with twice as many ideas as the control group. It turns out that that we can recover the creativity we’ve lost with time. We just have to pretend we’re a little kid." - Jonah Lehrer

Lehrer mentions so many other ways to be creative in different settings; continue to the article here.

How To Blog

I am not a blogging pro, but like most bloggers out there I like to learn how to improve my blog.

Here are links that I've found to help improve one's blog:

7. Short & Snappy Website Description

6. Become Affiliates

5. Proofread Content

4. Continued at  7 Tips on Increasing Website Traffic

"Not every piece of content can go viral, but if you understand the basics behind what makes great content highly shareable, you will have a better chance of getting better exposure for each piece of content you create." Check out the awesome infographic @ What Makes Content Go Viral?

1. Affiliates

2. Incoming Links

3. Create a Blog

4. Read the rest here 10 Ways to Promote Your Website

"A management system to keep things from falling a part will become compulsory, at some point. For those of you who reached this point, today’s post describes a system that proved its efficiency in the last year for me." Found @Blog Like a Pro: Assess, Decide, Do

1. Professionality

2. Convert small titles into longer ones

3. Create a Brand

4. Click for more @ Build a Blog as a Student

Periods, Cramps, and PMS

Medical Breakthrough Allows Mass Synchronized Scheduling


I started off the new year with my period.

Yes, I literally started spotting around 12midnight.

This cycle has been pretty bad compared to the past few months. I am very grateful that I've never experienced period cramps, but I go through major mood swings after the 5-7 days of hell. But enough about me, I found a handful of links you might find relevant to your own menstruation cycle.

Goodbye PMS

How to Fight PMS Symptoms

5 Foods that Help Kick PMS to the Curb

100-Calorie Sweet Treats to Satisfy PMS Cravings

Ugh, Period Cramps

The Best Home Remedies for Cramps

Workouts...If you are motivated enough

7 Exercises that can Help Period Cramps

Low Impact Exercises for That Time of the Month

Sexy Time? Now?

I Love Period Sex

Sexy Time: Surfing the Crimson Wave

In Defense of Period Sex

Thanks for reading!

Good Luck.