Quadrant 2 Activities for Bloggers

Feeling a little lost? Maybe just a tad bit stuck? Do you need ideas on what to do next?

Steven Covey's time management matrix is a prioritization tool to maximize success.

Quadrant 2 deals with areas of planning for things that are important, but not urgent. Activities in this quadrant are for personal and professional development where you focus on your long-term goals. Generally, they are action items that people procrastinate on because of the urgency of other tasks or general distractions.

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Examples of Quadrant 2 activities:

  • Reading a professional development or self-help book
  • Attending a class, seminar, or workshop to improve your skills
    • ie. SEO basics, writing course, improv class, marketing webinar, etc.
  • Strengthening your network by spending quality time connecting with other bloggers, mentors, or creatives
  • Meditation or gratitude journaling
  • Brainstorming content for the next few months
  • Sitting down to write a document/ebook when there is no looming deadline
  • Enhancing your sales funnel
  • Reviewing your strategic vision and annual goals; evaluating your progress using analytics
  • Finalizing and publishing a blog post that has been sitting in your draft pile for too long
  • Submitting your work to calls for submissions
  • Asking for feedback about your blog and how to improve
  • Pitching a guest post on a complimentary website/blog

Although this post is focused on bloggers, the content is transferable. Good luck with your action list!

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