Leaving on a Jet Plane

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A little while ago, I came to the conclusion that I am very dependent on others.

To others, who see me out and about very often, it does not seem that I depend on people very much - but that's far from the case. I came to this realization when my partner told me that it is hard for them to find opportunities in Toronto. Instead, they have considered moving to where they can find a stable place to start their career. Coming from a family where our roots have always been in Canada, the potential change freaks me out, especially knowing that someone so close to me will most likely be leaving for 4-6 months, with minimal (maybe a week or so) physical contact...something they may be used to, but my experience has been quite different.

Anyways, despite my concerns, there's still time to enjoy the present and maybe I'll get the chance to travel in order to chase my own dreams!

- Fonna