Unf. Curvy Chicks

As an avid tumblr user, I am proud to acknowledge that there are so many "curvy chick" blogs out there. While I was a student in high school, I hated my body...oh, how I wish I had access to blogs like these when I was younger! I would not only know what types of clothes "work with my body" (whatever that means, all clothes work with every body, it just depends on how you make it work), but I'd also feel proud of my large hips, round belly, and prominent butt. So, all you tumblr users, check out some curvy-ladies blogs, because we are the the best body type to cuddle with... according to Frank Ocean and Andre 3000

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spvGL58EFjc]

Check out some of the thick/curvy/voluptuous-bodied women blogs below:

Curvy is the New Black

Curve Appeal

Black and Curvy

Fuck Yeah Fat Dykes

Curvaceous Fashions

Gentlemen Prefer Curves

One thing I've noticed though...with all these empowering blogs with plus sized women, they are targeted for "feminine" women. Whenever I visit these blogs, I rarely find links or pictures of plus-sized women who are androgynous or masculine, nor do I see pages/links to blogs with plus-sized men. Maybe this calls for some new blogs in the tumblr world!