How To Blog

I am not a blogging pro, but like most bloggers out there I like to learn how to improve my blog.

Here are links that I've found to help improve one's blog:

7. Short & Snappy Website Description

6. Become Affiliates

5. Proofread Content

4. Continued at  7 Tips on Increasing Website Traffic

"Not every piece of content can go viral, but if you understand the basics behind what makes great content highly shareable, you will have a better chance of getting better exposure for each piece of content you create." Check out the awesome infographic @ What Makes Content Go Viral?

1. Affiliates

2. Incoming Links

3. Create a Blog

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"A management system to keep things from falling a part will become compulsory, at some point. For those of you who reached this point, today’s post describes a system that proved its efficiency in the last year for me." Found @Blog Like a Pro: Assess, Decide, Do

1. Professionality

2. Convert small titles into longer ones

3. Create a Brand

4. Click for more @ Build a Blog as a Student