Project Manager

Photograph by Leilah Dhore

Photograph by Leilah Dhore


I take pride in being a behind-the-scenes kind of gal who keeps everyone organized and on time. If you haven’t had me on your team yet, keep me in mind if you need a person to keep things moving with my planner, markers, and sticky notes in tow!


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management, Humber College, 2017 - Present
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, York University, 2010 - 2014

Project Coordinator

Nia Centre for the Arts [Feb. 2016 – Oct. 2016]

  • Worked with Project Manager to develop, implement, and monitor Creative Connect work plans to achieve program goals and performance measures
  • Developed and maintained information on program offerings and requirements
  • Researched, developed, and maintained relationships with program partners
  • Maintained NIA Centre's social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) by curating content and scheduled posts that were promotional or educational in nature
  • Followed-up with team members to maintain project deadlines
  • Applied creative problem solving techniques to resolve difficult program issues
  • Supported the interviewing process behind participant selection

Various Clients

Virtual Assistant [2015 – Present]

  • Coordinated 80+ speaking engagements over 15 months
  • Created effective e-filing systems and retrieve bookings information efficiently as and when needed
  • Monitored scheduled appointments, keynotes, workshops, and events; add events onto shared calendars once confirmed
  • Edited materials such as blogs, articles, book chapters, artist grants, and more
  • Act as liaison between clients and their contacts
  • Completed data entry such as inputting receipt information into spreadsheets or compiling a list of all post-secondary institutions across Canada
  • Assisted clients in arranging meetings and conferences

“[Fonna is] an amazing assistant to both myself and the Mr. and she makes everything more possible” – Kim Katrin Milan

"Outstanding experience!" - Dylan Robertson

Youth Outreach Worker

AVNU Collaborative (Previously Get Schooled)   [2014 – 2015]

  • Liaised with 8 organizational partners to collect their programs and events for each calendar year then promoting them to outside organizations
  • Connected to youth through face-to-face interactions (ex. tabling and networking); inviting youth to programs that help build capacity and connect them to resources
  • Collected and analyzed data to determine how youth are actively engaging with programs
  • Sent monthly email newsletters with Mailchimp notifying engaged community members of employment openings, upcoming events, funding sources, and other opportunities
  • onitored and updated Facebook and Twitter accounts; utilizing Buffer to schedule posts

The People Project

Project Coordinator     [2014]

  • Worked alongside the project director and project coordinators to determine the workshop series timeline
  • Worked directly with a team of youth facilitators to develop concrete lesson plans for media-based workshops (Videography, Editing, Sound, and Digital Storytelling)
  • upported the project director with budgeting and grant finance administration (including receipt collection, invoice creation, and honoraria distribution)
  • Recorded participants’ success and photographed their experiences for reports
  • Creatively approached educating and knowledge sharing

York United Black Students’ Alliance

Secretary/Communications Director [2011 – 2014]

  • Co-wrote two annual reports outlining fiscal year programs, services, campaigns, internal structure changes, and community collaborations
  • Utilized Microsoft Excel to restructure a budget of $30,000 with minimal references from previous fiscal years in order to develop holistically effective programming
  • Implemented action lists in order to keep team members accountable for task completion
  • Supported with the development, planning, and logistics of over 15 events